Anyone & Everyone

Anyone & Everyone is a video installation and fashion collection based on 2
print designs addressing the violence and hatred in today's society.

Hated because you don't fit in. Hated because you look different. Hated be-
cause of your skin colour. Hated because of who you love. Lab K fights and
stands for equality in the broadest sense. As 2 fashion entrepreneurs with
Asian backgrounds, we too have unfortunately encountered hate in various
forms. Together with our partner Queer Currents we use art as our voice, to
say NO to all forms of discriminate violence.
With our new prints we aim to disrupt norms using classic stereotype icons
and symbols and embracing them with kindness and love. A heartbeat, that
we all share; the pinstripe, a classic in the wardrobe of all genders; the rose, a
timeless symbol of romance; the four-leaf clover, a symbol of luck.

Queer Currents (QC) is an events platform that brings content and culture to
Queerness. Started in 2018, the first annual edition was held in 2019. Queer
Currents is an annual program with events, lectures, film, expo, dance and
music on Queer topics. Their goal is to bring diverse and inclusive content,
culture and art to the Amsterdam Pride weeks. Since 2020 QC is a proud
member of the Queer Network Amsterdam applying the "The Last Mile First"
approach to change.

To support Queer Currents in their mission, Laboratory K has created a fash-
ion collection with scarves, t-shirts, sweaters, leggings and swim shorts. All in
colors representing inclusion and diversity.
Purchasing items from the Anyone & Everyone collection is a statement
against discrimination and hatred. Every purchase supports Queer Currents
and Laboratory K in their peaceful fight for love and equality. All profit qoes to
the Queer Currents Foundation.